Market of refrigeration equipment in Russia

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According to our estimates, in Russia there are about 1,500 companies engaged in the manufacture, supply, installation and repair of refrigeration equipment.
Regional distribution of firms across the country is uneven and reflects the economic activity and population of the regions.
About 2/3 of the companies are located in 10 regions of Russia, with 1/3 in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Figure 1. Regions - leaders by the number of refrigeration companies.

Regions - leaders by the number of refrigeration companies

The share of companies in the region to the total number of refrigeration companies in the Russian Federation.

Based on a sample of 1215 companies from its own database publishing "Business marketing".

The volume of the refrigeration market

Market size of refrigeration equipment in Russia, we estimate about 100 billion rubles per year (3.1 billion US dollars at the average exchange rate in 2013). Its basis is the import of refrigeration equipment and components – about 50 billion rubles, or $ 1.6 billion per year. Domestic manufacturers of refrigeration equipment and components, engineering and service companies create approximately half of the market turnover due to the value added in the production, sale of equipment and components of service delivery.

The volume of imports of refrigeration equipment and components calculated excluding the related commodity categories, which can also be supplied refrigeration equipment. For example, in our report does not include the data of the Russian customs at the heat exchangers (HS code 841950) and equipment for air conditioning (HS code 8415).

Of total imports (1.6 billion U.S. dollars), more than half (54.7 per cent) are two types of products: compressors and combined refrigerator-freezers. Detailed information about the structure of imports, see table 2 Import of refrigeration equipment in Russia in 2013".

50% of the equipment comes to us from 4 countries: China, Italy, Germany and Belarus.

China is a leader in the import of products to Russia, but half of the imports of refrigeration equipment make deliveries from EU countries.
More details is in report "Import of refrigeration equipment in Russia".

Table 1. Imports of refrigeration equipment in Russia for the years 2011-2013.

Year The amount million USD %*
2011 1 678,8
2012 1 626,5 -3,12
2013 1 625,3 -0,08

*Change to the previous period.

According to the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation.

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