We are publishing house "Business marketing". It was founded in 2005 year. We have media about refrigeration equipment on Russian and CIS markets: printed directory "Refrigeration Industry" and website holodcatalog.ru. And also our new international project refindustry.com

Our media are your entrance into the Russian refrigeration market. We know more 1000 refrigeration companies in Russia and CIS.

The website www.holodcatalog.ru provides to users the following service:

For the companies as final users (food industry, retail, restaurants and etc.):
- news, articles about refrigeration equipment,
- search of suppliers of refrigerating appliances and components by type of equipment or concrete brand of the equipment,
- search of the companies in installation, repair and service of refrigerating equipment;
- offers on rent of refrigerating warehouses and responsible storage of perishable goods of a food;
- examples of the realized projects in the field of commercial and industrial cold in various industries.
For participants of the refrigerating market (manufacturers, installers, contractors and etc):
- presentation, advertizing of the services among the companies of consumers of artificial cold;
- demonstration of the executed projects in the field of commercial and industrial cold;
- search of producers of the equipment, components and materials for cold supply, partners in business.

The site is intended for Russian-speaking audience in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

Our reports is "Import of refrigeration equipment in Russia", "Market of refrigeration equipment in Russia"

The printed directory "Refrigeration Industry".

The catalog “Refrigeration Industry” is issued by publishing house “Business Marketing” since 2005.
Directory is about refrigeration companies in Russia. It is published annually. We send the catalog to about 1000 refrigeration companies and about 1000 big food producers in Russia free.
You can see electronic version of catalogs for previous years on site (push on picture) to look
The catalog is issued in cooperation with the magazine "Kholodilnaya technica".

Categories of directory:

- Industrial refrigeration equipment and components
- Freezing equipment
- Commercial refrigeration equipment
- HVAC equipment
- Repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment
- Linear components, materials and tools for installation
- Refrigerants and oils
- Cold rooms and sandwich panels
- Refrigeration doors and gates
- Cold Storage Construction
- Refrigerated warehouses for rent
- Transport refrigeration equipment
- Research institutes, educational institutions and development organizations
- Media, associations and unions
- Online shops refrigeration equipment
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